Thursday, 8 May 2014

New feature: Azaria Locations

Hey everyone! I was feeling very inspired by the Virtual Azaria Tour, so I've decided to embark on a new feature. Now you can see what the locations in the book would look like in real life!

All images were created using stock photographs (credits can be found by clicking on the link).

The first location is Lake Breska. It's the second largest lake in Azaria, situated between the two major mountain ranges (the Earthfire Mountains and Airwater Gorge). In the summer months, it's used as a reservoir for the neighbouring cities of Lanaran and Dhjerba. In winter, it's totally frozen over, and provides some of the most beautiful scenes Azaria has to offer...

Take a look at Eliza's first visit: (extract from chapter fourteen of The Binding)

Ignorant of my annoyance, Ryan squinted through the tree cover. I followed his gaze. We’d come to the border where the pines ended and the lake began. Except in place of grey water stood pure ice. It gave off a bluish tinge, contrasting with the conifers, and the centre resembled etched glass. Pieces of forest debris were trapped within it, blemishing its surface with dead branches and bleached logs. Finally, a break in the clouds let sunlight filter through, setting the whole lake sparkling.

“It’s beautiful,” I murmured, resting my hands on Ryan’s waist. For once, I didn’t have to fight a rush of emotions; the scene was peaceful enough to quell even the Binding.

“Told you,” Ryan chuckled. “And you get to enjoy the view for the rest of the journey.”

I scoffed.

“Oh please, pour on any more charm and I’ll drown,” I said. “Let’s get going before we’re joined by anymore unwanted company.”

“Aha,” Ryan said, “so you prefer us being alone? You should’ve told me sooner.”

I rolled my eyes. He was in a flirtatious mood all of a sudden. No doubt trying to take my mind off his evasive answer earlier.

“Maybe you should get your head out of the clouds and concentrate on riding,” I said, poking his shoulder. I could save the brutal questioning for later. “Onwards, driver.”

I didn’t have to see Ryan’s face to know he was grinning. He chose a path parallel to the lake’s edge and the trees. I shifted back, taking in the view. Snow dotted the ice, and the air was still. Hard to believe that only a mile beyond the trees lay one of the busiest roadways in Azaria. I curled against the back of Ryan’s neck, warming my cheek against his collar. Perhaps this trip wouldn’t be so bad, after all.

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