Clean Fantasy Reads Special Giveaway

February 28, 2021 maddoctorartist 0 Comments


Hello everyone! Hope you like the new look of the website- I'd been putting off an upgrade for ages, but I'm glad I finally got down to it and revamped it. All the old content on the previous site is still here, just more organised.

Amongst the changes are that I now have a newsletter- if you want to keep up to date with my latest book releases, enjoy some fun fantasy-based anecdotes, and  snag some great book deals from other fantasy authors from time to time, then I highly recommend you subscribe. As a thank you, you'll get the first in my Chronicles of Azaria series novels, The Binding, free (usual price $4.99/ £4.99). Yes, that's the whole entire book, free! You can download it in multiple formats, so it will work on whichever device you use.

As well as that, I also have a very special deal coming up. From 2nd March 2021, I've joined the Clean Fantasy Reads Giveaway. Via an exclusive link in my newsletter, you'll be able to access over 20 FREE young adult romance fantasy books (similar to my own book, The Binding). These range from novellas to full length first series books, so you don't want to miss out!

All of these titles are deemed 'clean'- so there's no explicit content and is aimed for ages 12+. Ideal if you want a break from all the heavy grimdark (both in fiction and in reality). And you may just find your new favourite series...

So if you want access to these titles, just go to the right sidebar and sign up to my newsletter (which will also snag you a free copy of my book, too). The promo ends on 31st March, and I'll send the links out twice. The last one will be 28th March, so be sure to sign up before then.

Outside of this promotion, my newsletter goes out a once a month, so don't worry, you won't be bombarded with spam. And of course you can opt out at time.

So, what you need to do:

1. Go to the right sidebar and sign up to my newsletter

2. Check the confirmation email

3. Get your free download of The Binding as your gift

4. Enjoy updates from me, and from tomorrow get access to more free fantasy books!

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