Astounding Journeys: Fantasy Novels and Series Starters Giveaway

May 09, 2021 maddoctorartist 0 Comments


Hello everyone! This May I'm going to be part of a special promotion via my newsletter, the Astounding Journeys giveaway. Pick from a selection of free first in series fantasy novels, all of which have an emphasis on a quest or journey.

To get access to these books, all you have to do is click here.

Of the titles available, my recommendation would have to go to Dawn Rising, by A.F.E. Smith. I was lucky enough to get to read this book in its early beta stages, and I was captivated by the writing style and fascinating characters. Follow Alyssia Gale, a misfit who's never felt she belonged, as she's suddenly pulled into a dark and dangerous fantasy world; one she's only ever seen in her dreams.


As well as this exciting giveaway, I'll also be doing an Amazon US sale for my YA Fantasy series! Now you can snag the complete Goddess Saga trilogy for under $2.00. But be quick, as the promotion ends 15th May...

Please note the $0.99 deal for The Goddess's Blessing will start on 11th May (due to an Amazon glitch), so keep it bookmarked for then!





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