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Trapped in an unbreakable curse, Eliza will do anything to make her heart her own again.

But can she resist her feelings long enough?

Seventeen-year-old Eliza has never had the best of luck. A healer’s daughter, all she wants is to follow in her father’s footsteps. An untimely accident, however, Binds her to Ryan, a handsome but mysterious bounty-hunter. Now neither can stray from the other’s side, else the Goddess will transform them into crippled, mindless husks.

But Ryan is fleeing a shadowy past, and Eliza is caught in a desperate game of cat and mouse. Together they must evade a relentless pursuer and a blood-thirsty cult, while Eliza vows to fight her own heart and destroy the spell that took everything away from her.

If she doesn’t succumb to her feelings first…

If you enjoy a young adult fantasy adventure with a strong heroine, dark deception, sweet romance, ancient magic and a perilous quest, come and lose yourself in the world of Azaria…


A secret exposed. A lost power revealed. And a girl who will bear any cost to set herself free.

The Binding spell has ruled Azaria for eons, but Eliza just might have found its weakness. Cursed to Ryan, a man she barely knows, she's desperate to erase the false feelings in her heart. Her only hope lies in the Holy Runes- mysterious symbols that only manifest to her eyes, and that share a connection to the Binding itself.

Along with her Bound partner, her childhood best friend and the haughty Lady Navinka, Eliza is determined to forge a power great enough to break her curse. The Binding, however, has more tricks up its sleeve, and the raw magic of the Holy Runes threatens Eliza's very life. As if that wasn't enough, a vengeful cult is also after the runes, and they will stop at nothing to use Eliza's newfound gifts against her.

Struggling on all fronts, Eliza's freedom will be hard-earned...if she can survive to see it.

The Goddess's Parting is the exciting continuation of the Goddess Saga. With more twists and turns, join Eliza on her exciting adventure and see if she truly can defeat the spell that has taken so much away from her...

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Dark nightmares. A forbidden magic. And a man desperate to undo his mistake.

The Binding has finally been destroyed. Azaria struggles to adjust without it, and Ryan and Eliza are no exception. While Eliza is no longer compelled by false feelings, she's been left with devastating nightmares. All Ryan can do is blame himself, a guilt that bites deeper with each passing day.

Yet Eliza's visions may hold the answer, as she dreams of the Blessing- the last fragment of the Goddess's power. It could be just what she needs to be cured forever, and Ryan is determined to obtain it and set things right again.

However, the Blessing is more than what it seems, and Ryan isn't the only one tempted by it. The Order of Amaranth have risen to prominence, promising to restore the Binding he fought so hard to break, while the newly formed Vanguard try desperately to keep the fragile peace.

As darker forces close in, Ryan must fight to tame a power that could be Eliza's final salvation...or his final destruction.

Discover and experience the exciting conclusion to the Chronicles of Azaria Goddess Saga, and see how the adventure ends!

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