Would you like to commission me for a drawing? Then you've come to the right place!

Head to my deviantart or instagram if you want to see my style and if you feel it would be something you'd like.

Subjects I include:
-any bird, including pet birds
-people, including original characters
-mythical creatures

I will not do:
-anything sexual/ nude/ provacative
-anything that will be used for hate speech/ discrimination

All commissions are made digitally and you will get a high resolution PNG image. I do not do physical prints.

All art remains copyrighted to myself- if you want images for commercial use please make this clear when requesting. I do allow for this, however I require full credit.

I will have five open slots at a time- check here to know when one becomes available.

Contact me on samdogra [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk or you can message me on my facebook page.

Slot 1- open
Slot 2- open
Slot 3- open
Slot 4- open
Slot 5- open


I've included a range as it will depend on how detailed/ how large a picture is requested. Requests are dealt with case by case.
Ink sketch- £10-15/ $15-20

Flat colour- £30-40/ $40-50

Fully shaded- £50-£70/ $65-$80
Fully shaded with background- £80-100/ $100-120

I also do book covers- prices start from £80+ as these are quite time consuming to create and require resources that are available for commercial use. If you want to use any stock images or fonts that require payment, this cost will be passed on to you.

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