Fan Fiction

July 11, 2018 maddoctorartist 0 Comments

Where my interest in writing really started! I used to write for various fandoms, but while I don't write it as much as I used to I still get a kick out of it.

Fan fiction itself is a topic of hot debate, as it raises issues for author copyright, amongst other things, and due its reputation of being of poor quality (much of it sadly is) it's often frowned upon as a practice.

But you need to take fanfiction for what it is, not what you think it's trying to be. For me, it's a way to practice. I chalked up a lot of words through fanfiction which in the long run has helped my writing style grow. But for the most part, I wrote it because it was fun. I liked getting into character's heads, particularly when all the inferences I have came from the video game/ anime/ book the characters originated from. When you create your own characters it's different, as you can tweak personalities here and there. This, for me, is what makes fanfiction writing fun, challenging, and interesting.

Disclaimer: I do not own copyright or ownership of any of the characters or concepts presented in these works of fan fiction.

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