Azaria is a vast, ancient kingdom, filled with danger, magic and adventure! The land itself tells hundreds of mysteries, unknown until now. Four trilogies chronicle the journey of four heroes; Eliza, Jessie, Jason and Raviel. Separated by time, but joined through destiny, each face desperate challenges that shape both themselves and their world, and the consequences of their choices directly influence those who come after them.

The Chronicles of Azaria is my original fantasy series. Every 'saga' is set in the same world but in a different period of the kindgom's history (a little like the Edge Chronicles by Chris Riddel and Paul Stewart). The Goddess Saga follows seventeen-year old Eliza as she faces a magical curse that has hung over Azaria for centuries. The Sorceror Saga follows Jessie, a talented Magician who is set a near-impossible task of discovering the origins of magic generations after Eliza's tale. The Healer Saga goes back centuries before Eliza's time and follows the journey of Jason, a reluctant medic recruited into the King's army, and finally the Summoner Saga follows Raviel, who must survived in a ravaged Azaria torn apart by magical beasts and war.

Once complete, each triology can be read on its own (so you don't have to read the sagas in the order they've been written if you don't want to). So you could read the Healer Saga before the Goddess Saga, and the stories would still make complete sense. However you might glean some fun insights if you read them as written!

So, if you're a fan of magic, mystery, ancient gods and goddesses, and a tangle of heroes, heroines and villains, but don't want to wade through complex lore with difficult to pronounce words and overly elaborate worldbuilding, then these are the books for you! I've tried to make the characters and setting as approachable as possible, whilst trying to add a refreshing spin on a genre that can find it hard to break its own tropes from time to time.

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As well as a writer I am also an artist, and one of my loves is drawing birds. So I've created a series of colouring books for all those of you who love colouring intricate linework and patterns! Each bird illustration also comes with a hand-drawn detailed background, along with some fun facts about each species so you can impress your friends with random knowledge when that yearly work pub quiz comes up!

Each volume covers a continent.

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