Chronicles of Azaria

November 17, 2019 maddoctorartist 0 Comments

The Chronicles of Azaria is my original fantasy series. Every 'saga' is set in the same world but in a different period of the kingdom's history (a little like the Edge Chronicles by Chris Riddel and Paul Stewart).
Azaria is a vast, ancient kingdom, filled with danger, magic and adventure! The land itself holds hundreds of mysteries, unknown until now. Four trilogies chronicle the journey of four heroes; Eliza, Jessie, Jason and Raviel. Separated by time, but joined through destiny, each face desperate challenges that shape both themselves and their world, and the consequences of their choices directly influence those who come after them.

Encyclopaedia Azaria will let you explore aspects of the world and lore, as explained by Eliza, protagonist of the Goddess Saga.

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