The Goddess Saga

THE BINDING (Chronicles of Azaria #1)

What do you do when you can't trust your own heart?

All seventeen year-old Eliza Bryant wants is to avoid a Binding—the ancient spell that forces couples into a lifelong bond. It cursed her sister, and for the last two years it's tried to claim her, too. Her monthly hiding ritual worked brilliantly, until the night she ran into Ryan, a mysterious bounty-hunter. Now Bound to him, Eliza must spend every moment at his side, else she'll transform into an Unbound; a lifeless husk without mind or soul.

Unfortunately, Ryan's not looking to settle, and Eliza is dragged into his crazy life on the run. Still, she's not going to take this lying down. Between grappling with the false feelings conjured by the spell and fleeing an unseen enemy, she plans to find a way to break her Binding; a feat nobody's achieved in a thousand years. The key to her freedom lies closer than she thinks…and it's deeply connected to Ryan's past.

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THE PARTING (Chronicles of Azaria #2)

When your feelings are false, what's left to believe in?

After the revelation of Ryan's secret, Eliza is determined to purify her tainted heart. Her only hope lies in the Holy Runes- the mysterious symbols linked to the Binding spell that originally cursed her. Now with her best friend Adam and the haughty Lady Navinka, Eliza must journey across Azaria to forge a power great enough to break her curse.

The Binding won't go down without a fight, though, and the runes have dangerous effects of their own. As if that wasn't enough, Eliza's also running from a vengeful cult, and she must confront her feelings and realise whom she truly loves. Struggling on all fronts just to survive, Eliza's freedom will be hard-earned, but the final price might be too much to pay.

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THE BLESSING (Chronicles of Azaria #3)- release date 14th Feb 2020

Can love choose between death or salvation?

The Binding has been destroyed, and Azaria rocked to its foundations. But Ryan and Eliza's newfound freedom hasn't come without a price. Eliza has been left with devastating nightmares, with Ryan powerless to help her. Yet Eliza's hostile visions may hold the answer, as she dreams of the Blessing- the last fragment of the Goddess's power.

However, the Blessing is more than what it seems, and Eliza isn't the only one tempted by it. The Order of Amaranth are hungry to avenge their fallen leader, while the newly formed Vanguard try desperately to keep the fragile peace. With darker forces closing in, Ryan must fight to tame the power that could be Eliza's final hope, or her final destruction.

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