The Goddess Saga

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The Age of the Goddess
In this era, the kingdom is governed by a magical spell called the Binding.
Rumoured to have been created by the Goddess to sew harmony into the land, it has become corrupted, and now even strangers can be forced together if the timing is right.
A healer's daughter is thus accidentally Bound to a bounty hunter when he saves her life. And she'll do whatever it takes to set herself free.


Cursed by the Goddess, a healer’s daughter must fight for her freedom…even if it means unleashing a forbidden power that could destroy her.

Seventeen-year-old Eliza dreams of becoming a healer. Yet over her shoulder looms the Binding; an ancient spell that can seize anyone’s heart against their will. It already took her sister, and she’ll do anything to avoid the same fate.

Her nightmare is realised when an accident strands her with Ryan, a bounty hunter on the run. Now Eliza has no choice but to join his game of cat and mouse.

As a relentless tracker edges ever nearer, a blood-thirsty cult hungers for revenge, and her own feelings turn against her, Eliza must find a way to break free.

But overcoming a thousand-year magic has a price.

The kingdom…or her life.


A secret exposed. A lost power revealed. And a girl who will bear any cost to set herself free.

Cursed to a man already betrothed, Eliza is desperate to free her heart once and for all. Her hope lies in the mysterious Holy Runes- ancient symbols that only manifest to her eyes, and that grant her temporary magical abilities.

Along with her Bound partner Ryan, her childhood best friend Adam and the haughty Lady Navinka, Eliza must journey across the kingdom to forge a power great enough to destroy the curse.

The Binding, however, has more tricks up its sleeve, and the poisonous magic of the Holy Runes threatens Eliza's very life. As if that wasn't enough, a vengeful cult is also after the runes, and they will stop at nothing to use Eliza's newfound gifts against her.

Struggling on all fronts, Eliza's freedom will be hard-earned...if she can survive to see it.


Dark nightmares. A forbidden magic. And a man desperate to undo his mistake.

Azaria struggles to adjust without the Binding, and Ryan and Eliza are no exception. While Eliza is no longer compelled by false feelings, she's left with devastating nightmares. All Ryan can do is blame himself, a guilt that bites deeper with each passing day.

Yet Eliza dreams of the Blessing- the last fragment of the Goddess's power. It could be just what she needs to be cured forever, and Ryan is determined to obtain it and set things right again.

However, Ryan isn't the only one tempted by it. The Order of Amaranth are also interested, promising to use it to restore the Binding he fought so hard to break, while the newly formed Vanguard try desperately to keep the fragile peace.
As darker forces close in, Ryan must fight to tame a power that could be Eliza's final salvation...or his final destruction.

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