Volume One: North America

May 27, 2019 maddoctorartist 0 Comments

A fun-filled colouring book of twenty incredible bird species found around North America. From the majestic bald eagle, to the elegant scissor-tailed flycatcher, to the adorable ruby-throated hummingbird, each beautiful hand-drawn illustration and detailed background also contains entertaining facts to accompany your colourful journey. Discover more about these magnificent creatures, and enjoy a relaxing creative experience which is sure to burn the stress away.

This book is entirely illustrated by myself, Sam Dogra, including all patterns, birds and backgrounds. If you're a fan of nature and wanted something intricate to colour, this is the book for you!
Want a sample? I have provided the blue jay page as a full resolution PDF, which you can print and try out! Click on the picture or the link below to download:
Click here to download the PDF of this blue jay to print and colour!